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Posted on July 22, 2011


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Welcome to our blog. All of us at Innovative Loans, LLC share the same Sole Purpose in being information providers:

To help Homeowners, Realtors, Want-To-Be Homeowners, Brokers, and Investors to obtain and retain the very best housing they desire and deserve.

To do this requires two specific services.

FIRST, we have to connect them with the absolute best Loan Products carrying the most affordable rates and terms available in the country, for New Loans, ReFi’s and Lease-To-Own.

SECOND, only if needed due to possible bank fraud concerning their current or past mortgage (paid off or foreclosed), to connect them with “Loan Litigation” from the best Homeowner Legal Support Services we can find in the USA.

In short, we are the connecting link between people and premier homeowner / mortgage holder services. And there is NO charge to you for our services in doing this.

We work with only one highly select Mortgage Company and with only one
Nationally-renowned Legal Firm.

We hold fast to the principal that people are entitled at all times to the most affordable home loan rates and terms available in the country; and if difficulties arise, they are also entitled to the best homeowner legal assistance available, whether it’s to obtain or to retain their dwellings.


The premier Mortgage Company we work with provides relaxed-lending loan products with absolutely AMAZING, one-of-a-kind terms and rates for Fannie Mae, FHA and Conventional loans. They provide New loans, Refinances, Flipped Property financing, and Lease-To-Own loan products at rates and terms unsurpassed by other lending firms, large or small.

We are really excited about the affordability and simply AMAZING loan products and financial benefits they provide homeowners, want-to-be-homeowners, refinancers, realtors,  investors and brokers alike. No question… you will receive the most affordable rates and terms available in our country, for all of your specific loan needs.

For more information about one or more of their relaxed-lending Loan Products, click on the navigation links on the left side of the screen and then click on Member Webpages to contact the person that sent you here. Thanks for your interest.


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